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John Clanc


SKU Vat Exempt Batteries Manufacturer Motor Power Product Name Range Top Speed Total Weight User Weight
12v 20ah
12v 160w
TGA Dual / Twin Wheel Power Pack
up to 10 miles
18 stone

y, Kent

I am 5’9” tall, weigh around 14 stone and my wife is just 4’9” tall, so although she is able to push me on the flat, slopes and rough terrain are difficult for her. The Powerpack is tremendously useful, especially over rough grass, gravel and inclines. We could have bought a similar device from the mobility shop where we got my wheelchair but it was significantly heavier than your model which my wife is able to lift into our car.

We are more than happy with our TGA Powerpack. Often when we are out people stop us to ask where they can purchase one for themselves. I have obtained a number of leaflets from your sales office which I now pass on to enquirers.

John Clancy