Bradshaw bowls buggies



Bradshaw bowls buggies

This Bradshaw bowls buggy was converted to a powered unit by  glenn alan and jack at Guiseley mobility.If you have this type of buggy we can convert yours too The power unit can be removed easily to transport.


total weight of motor drive unit around 10.5kg

total weight of battery pack around 10.5 kg

Bradshaw Engineering make the buggies

Guiseley Mobility build the power unit

call us now on 01943 884022

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chelsea pensioner using our motor


powered bradshaw bowls buggy


UNIQUE FEATURES of a powered Bradshaw Bowls Buggy
The Bradshaw Bowls Buggy is not just a wheelchair with wide wheels. It is a purpose-designed machine for playing bowls with maximum efficiency.

The centre of gravity position can be moved forward or backward by adjusting the main wheel location forward or backward. This ensures all the weight is always on the large wheels and not on the small ones whatever the persons weight or size.

small wheels lift off the green


david walker of leeds in action